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Originally Posted by llamaorama View Post
My Mom is from there, but about 15 years older than you if I had to guess. I think when my grandparents bought their home there in 1965 it was just unincorporated and Missouri City annexed them later.

There is nothing in Missouri City except subdivisions . It has its own municipal government which does not do much of anything beyond a tiny police department (I think). I think the MUDs and HOAs provide private infrastructure and parks and enforce the covenants and deed restrictions and stuff. It doesn’t have any major commercial areas or a center. You have to get off major roads and get lost to even find the place. It’s boundaries are very random, one neighborhood might be in the city while across the road is the county or in the city of Houston.

Probably my least favorite Houston suburb to be honest. I don’t like Fort Bend or the sprawl going up 290 or Spring or Atascocita. It’s all bland tract homes and feels like nowhere. So much of my dislike of Houston is really my dislike for its suburbs, the city proper is at least somewhat interesting.
I'm in my mid 40's. MO City seemed alright back when i was growing up but this is looking through lens of a teenager. It struck me as sterile even then. It went downhill pretty fast after the oil bust in the late 80's and by then I moved away (NY). Agreed about the sprawl up 290. Jersey Village, Copperfield, Spring, etc. are terrible. Parts of Atascocita are actually kinda nice though. The portion that borders Kingwood at least and look very "Kingwood-ish". It gets meh as you get towards Humble. Less trees and neighborhoods more sterile.

@Phun1 I'm doing my MBA down in Clear Lake and own property down there. It's quirky down that way but lost its soul when NASA stopped sending people into space. That goes for the whole area which has become overrun with track housing. The Bay Area has lost its character and is just another suburb.
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