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Everything about this project is great, but I'm amused that the Freep describes it as a vision for "downtown living". Sherbrook is not downtown! It's close to downtown, sure, but still...

Vision for sustainable living downtown
Mixed-use building has 71 rental units, four commercial units
By: Solomon Israel Posted: 09/23/2019

Sherbrook Flats, a new six-storey rental building on the east side of Sherbrook Street between Broadway and Portage Avenue, represents building designer Sotirios Kotoulas’ vision for sustainable living in downtown Winnipeg.
It's probably a general phenomenon in cities that people from the suburbs have an overly broad definition of "downtown" -- basically anywhere that doesn't look suburban seems to qualify. I've heard the HSC, Arlington Street, and Osborne Village all described as being in "downtown Winnipeg".
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