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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
If you read between the lines, I'm sticking up for Californians. Its sad to see the priorities in the state or on the local level.

Yes California tends to lead certain frontiers, but they do so in a manner that severally impacts its residents. In other words, is an acute response that further amplifies chronic issues that the local governments or even the state fail to adequately address or do so with poor performance.

I'm not anti-California, I'm anti-local/state leadership IN California which is destroying the state, and making folks want to bail. That son, is not good!

Every year, crushing taxes/regulations are placed, and it influences people.
It's painfully obvious to everyone but you that your views don't actually align with the people in California, and specifically, Berkeley. What a relief that you're just some random forumer far, far away that has no power to impose his silly little outdated beliefs on us poor Californians.
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