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Originally Posted by maru2501 View Post
I live near it and I am not 100 percent sure who they think the market is for it in that spot
Most likely it'll be a cheaper option than downtown for a decent enough hotel in or near a neighborhood with a lot of stuff and also not far from downtown. To me it makes some sense.

Originally Posted by west-town-brad View Post
Yeah these types of places are all over SoHo NYC - I often have to stay at them due to my companies low approved nightly hotel expense rates.
Not just SoHo, but pretty much all over Midtown Manhattan. Some aren't brand new buildings and some are. Even good brands here have "whatever" designs. For example, this Renaissance near Penn Station is a newer building completed just probably 4 years ago(?). Before I moved here, I would stay at this hotel every week for months on end while on business and it's a nice one inside. However it's just another meh glass box:!4d-73.991033

The majority of hotel goers care about what the inside is like, not the outside anyway.
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