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Originally Posted by micahinsa View Post
Yep. Another in the line of “this wouldn’t look out of place on 410.”

Ah and what a shock, another masterpiece delivered by Overland Partners.

Combining this with their Hemisfair design, they’re successfully taking San Antonio back to 1994.

All aboard the uninspiring and bland train.

Then again, maybe I’m being too harsh and their clients just want generic crap.
Well, it's being planned in an area that isn't exactly urban, although, it's far from being as bad as some of the places around 410, which I was shocked to see where it was single family residential "house, house, house" and then *boom* parking lot/garage and 80s office building. To me, the transition in those places is what's least satisfying.

This is far better than that, especially since there's no ugly detached parking garage or parking lot. There is still a parking garage, but at least it's attached to the building and more importantly, there's retail. That's something the high rises and midrises around 410 can only dream about.

Design wise, it's not a work of art, but it's far from being bad. I might even have to say I like it better than 1603 Broadway.
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