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I took a bus downtown from a Rush game last year. (we carpooled there and got dropped off at the Tim's to avoid the crush.) It was pretty quick leaving the rink and only jammed up because of all the other people who were trying to get downtown in their single occupancy vehicles. The buses were full, and we could have a beer or two at the game knowing we didn't have to drive. I also take buses from the Ex when we decide to go.

I drive a lot but it's only because of the infrastructure - I can't afford to live on a good bus route for me or near my work (I work in the north industrial). With the slow down in the economy I can drive to work across the circle north bridge in less than 15 minutes now, compared to 25 in 2012-14. Still an hour on the bus, though. I'm mid 30s and there are lots of people in my cohort who would change their habits if there was better infrastructure to support it.
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