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City buses do run to the Rush games and, judging by the mass of people on them leaving last week'd game, they are certainly getting used. They use dedicated lanes once near Sasktel Centre, which is where most of the wait is experienced getting in and out of the games. So the service is there, though I can't comment on whether or not there would be more buses used if offered or even if they are full to capacity on the way into the games. I'll watch them carefully at tonight's game while walking to the arena from where I parked my car.

That being said, I do agree with Mitchelk12's post. We're still a driving society here. Since getting my drivers license over 35 years ago, I've taken a regularly scheduled City bus exactly one time, and that was to go pick up my car from the repair shop 30 years ago. I'll take them for special events, but not as a regular way of getting from point A to point B. I enjoy the flexibility to go where I want when I want, plus I really enjoy driving. There are also work and home locations that make the bus impractical for me, but even without those, I'd likely be driving.

It's changing, but slowly and will take time and changing attitudes. Younger people are generally more socially responsible, but until traffic makes mass transit more convenient than driving (like the Skytrain from Vancouver airport to downtown), I believe private vehicles will still be the first choice for most Saskatoonians.
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