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Originally Posted by North_Regina_Boy View Post
Cost Estimate of the Bypass:
Base cost provided by Gov't of Saskatchewan = $1.2B

Systems Interchange at Highway 11 = $50M-75M
4-Lane Bridge over CN Craik Sub = $10M-15M
At Grade (All-turns) intersection at Armour Road = $5M
Overpass (Service Interchange) at 9th North = $35M
4-Lane Bridge over Wascana Creek = $10M
4-Lane Bridge over CN Moose Jaw Sub = $10M-15M
Overpass (Service Interchange) at Dewdney = $35M
Systems Interchange at Hub Access Road = $50M-75M
4-Lane Bridge over CP Main Line = Completed
Systems Interchange at Trans-Canada Highway West = $75M-100M
At Grade (All-turns) intersection at Courtney = $5M
Overpass (Service Interchange) at Highway 6 = $35M
4-Lane Bridge over Wascana Creek = $10M
Right Turn only Access to Highway at Fleet Street = $5M
Overpass (Service Interchange) at Highway 33 = $35M
Systems Interchange at Trans-Canada Highway East = $75-100M
Overpass (Service Interchange) at Great Plains Road = $35M
Overpass (Service Interchange) at Highway 48 = $35M
Overpass (Service Interchange) at Highway 46 = $35M

Total for Overpasses and Bridges (Maximum) = $660M
Total for Kilometers of 4-Lane Highway at $2M/km = $200M
Total for Additional Lanes at $1M/km = $5M
Land Acquisition = $150-200M

Estimation Total = $1B-60M
Contingency Estimate of $140M
100KM of 4-lane highway? Wow

Also what is the Total? $1.06B?
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