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Originally Posted by Lorendoc View Post
With help from UnihiKid, HossC, and Earl B, car-identifier first class, I think we can be confident that the picture was taken looking north on Orlando towards Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood about 1941.

First, the identification of the now Piazza del Sol up on Sunset (which is blocked by a higher structure on the south side of Sunset today) can be confirmed by looking at the following pair:


Since the cars look like they're from about 1940, I looked at the closest LA City Directory which was 1942 in search of cleaners. I found Joseph Markowitz cleaning clothes at 8407 Santa Monica Boulevard.

Referring to the following Sanborn excerpt (from 10 years later - the shoe/clothing store seems to have gone out of business), we can see how Orlando dead-ends onto Santa Monica, referencing the street numbers on the north side of Santa Monica Boulevard:

The shoe/clothing store is now shown as a "furnishing" store (or "furniture" store).

One of the best things about this thread is how people with different strengths and interests collaborate to solve these little mysteries that e_r strews around.
I'll be accused of pointless Nit-Picking on this, but the Sedan Delivery vehicle in the "mystery" photo is a 1938-39 Ford. Tip off is Chevy's would have had bolted on teardrop headlight buckets and there would have been an indented area (on purpose) along the sides of the cargo area as some models had glass in that area. Fords had no indented area though some of their models had glass along the cargo area.
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