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A Winnipeg Thing
A new public washroom structure in Winnipeg's vast Assiniboine Park relies on the "mining of unnatural resources" to move beyond recycling to reinvention.

PROJECT Assiniboine Park Washroom Boxes, Winnipeg, Manitoba
ARCHITECT Peter Sampson Architecture Studio
TEXT W. Carson McCance
PHOTOS Mat Piller and Elaine Stocki

To those that know it, Winnipeg has always been difficult to label or categorize. Cosmopolitan yet rooted in an agrarian tradition, at times resolutely afraid of any perception of non-utility or cultural expression for its own sake, the city can and does produce music, art, literature, and architecture that is interrogative and wholly demonstrative of a pronounced local voice. A construction industry that not only withstood recent economic downturns but thrived in what most consider a “have-not” province frames an architectural environment that sees world-class projects going up alongside the worst lowest-common-denominator, developer-driven buildings. Even the weather plays its role: bitterly cold winters and at times tropical summers that residents cheerfully endure with a pioneer’s hardiness and pride. It is interesting, given these conditions, that Peter Sampson Architecture Studio has with the Assiniboine Park washrooms so cleverly interrogated the processes of sustainability and transformation. Through a relatively humble typology and program, PSA Studio has created a deceptively nuanced contextual dialogue.

Yes very nice...Earlier B/W in this thread....

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