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Change starts with one strong voice.

I echo iajs's feelings. I'd say there IS a community of people that actively avoid suburban malls + big box outlets.

And no, I don't "harm" myself by not shopping at suburban outlets. That is ridiculous. I can get whatever I want online, when I'm in other cities, or downtown. By shopping there you enable those developments, allowing those businesses to make more money. If I want businesses downtown, I need to shop downtown and support downtown.

One dollar = one vote.

And I refuse to vote for Kenaston & McGilvary, or its ilk.

Originally Posted by Winnipegger View Post
Your individualism will never make a difference unless widely mimicked by a larger population. The fact is people love suburban outlets and will continue to shop there. If you hate what they have to offer in terms of goods, that is acceptable. However, if you hate it solely for the fact that it is "suburban" and "big box"-like, then you're only harming yourself if that is the only reason restraining you from purchasing goods there.

It takes a collective community to influence corporate impact, so as long as you are a minority, nothing will ever change and you're only depriving yourself. (assuming you only refuse to shop there to prove a point) Of course, this condescending logic could be applied to any number of general cases, by which we nor I would like to hear due to it's depressing nature, however I feel rather opinionated right now.
The mayor's out killing kids to keep taxes down.
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