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Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
Where do you hang out!??! Kildonan Place??

Seriously though...I think the lack of quality clothing stores (for men anyways) has something to do with it. You go to Montreal and every second storefront is an independent clothing store...and that's not in downtown. In Winnipeg...there's the malls...which consist of Gap's, AE's, a few different skater shops and some sports stores. We have one Buffalo store, one Guess store, one Hugo Boss store and one Harry Rosen (when you're talking higher-end). When you look at far as "unique" retailers go, you've got Connect Four (there's like 5 shirts on the wall), Unfold Apparel (also only 5 shirts) and maybe Urban Bakery? I'm sure there are a few independent stores that I'm not aware of but I'd say we're lacking big time.
It's true that we do lack a large variety of proper male clothing stores, but that is not to say that we don't have any. Take a look at Le Chateau, possibly some of the most "stylish" male clothing one can get. There are at least three if not more here in Winnipeg. If you're feeling especially indie, you can head over to American Apparel on Osborne. However, if none of these niche stores suits your fancy, you can always dress nicely by going to Moores or Tip Top Tailors.

However, an H&M would of been amazing to be honest, not to mention an Urban Outfitters. However, that's not to say that we don't have any means of obtaining fashionable clothing. No Winnipeger should have any excuse!
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