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Originally Posted by RTD View Post
Head of the nail, meet the hammer. I've travelled to many cities across Canada and the US, including those in colder climates, and it IS possible without plastering yourself with A&F clothing. Us frugal Winnipeg have been known to be some of the most "slobbishly" dressed people in the country, and I can honestly say based on what I see around the city, I agree. It's embarrasing. Take some pride, Winnipeggers; tuck in your shirt and wear something other than sweats with holes in them. And for God sakes, loose the fucking mullets!
Where do you hang out!??! Kildonan Place??

Seriously though...I think the lack of quality clothing stores (for men anyways) has something to do with it. You go to Montreal and every second storefront is an independent clothing store...and that's not in downtown. In Winnipeg...there's the malls...which consist of Gap's, AE's, a few different skater shops and some sports stores. We have one Buffalo store, one Guess store, one Hugo Boss store and one Harry Rosen (when you're talking higher-end). When you look at far as "unique" retailers go, you've got Connect Four (there's like 5 shirts on the wall), Unfold Apparel (also only 5 shirts) and maybe Urban Bakery? I'm sure there are a few independent stores that I'm not aware of but I'd say we're lacking big time.
But, you know how it is.
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