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What ever happened to live and let live? I never considered Winnipeg's lack of pretentiousness to be a negative quality. I don't think there is any empirical evidence to suggest that Edmonton, Regina or Minneapolis is by any measure 'better dressed'. Would a yuppie costume - a $6 London Fog from Starbucks and a Harry Rosen ensemble - suddenly make the citizens of this city better people, and this city a more desirable place to be? On one hand, we want to celebrate the soul and character of this city, and on the other hand, we're supposed to dress like every Bay Street drone? Hollywood largesse and Parisian pompousness are not attributes I aspire to attain. Seriously? Custom designed, premium priced furniture? I would never judge someone based on the amount of odours of rich mahogany eminating from their living quarters. Apparently if you aren't a metrosexual male urbanite, you aren't a desirable male? If you like cars, you're undesirable. If you don't want to live in an innercity 'hood, you're undesirable? Am I okay, even though I don't get my eyebrows plucked? Just wondering. If you don't support ostentatious social programs, and pandering to ethnic interest, you aren't desirable? My goodness. I'm surprised some of you guys aren't knocking at my door, offering me a price to leave town tomorrow morning, because it appears I have the incurable viral ugly-Winnipeg infection.

As well, the girl next door, ain't the girl next door if she trades pyjama pants and a pony tail for stilettos and a red dress. Jus' sayin'.
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