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Originally Posted by DowntownWpg View Post
Echoing what OTL wrote earlier in this thread, if only the MB Libs could get their act together. If they want people to give their party a second look, two things need to happen IMO: 1) Doer retires/resigns (check!), 2) Jon Gerrard retires from politics and they get a good centre-centre-right leader. The Libs should reclaim their territory as fiscally conservative and socially progressive... with neither of these ideals being too extreme.

With Mr. Popularity gone (Doer), and the Party of Angry Religious-Right Farmers and Anti-Winnipeg Southern Rural Dwellers (PCs) not registering enough popular support, between now an Oct 2011 could provide some interesting opportunities for the MB Libs. But again, they need to get their act together.
What I find interesting is that since Doer announced he was leaving we have yet to hear anything from the MB Libs.

Just judging by press coverage alone you would swear that Manitobans only have two choices: PC or NDP.

I suspect this election will be the Cons to lose.

I can't imagine Comrade Blaikie having the same mass appeal.
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