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The Freedom Tower was a bogus project from the start. How can you be proud of a plan that's barely progressing after almost 8 years, having problems being financed for almost 8 years, been changed multiple times and won't be completed fully until 2037 the wannabe so called WTC 1 along its 3 other towers is the embrassing symbol of the USA. Thats why there's the TwinTowersAlliance and the economically friendly Twin Towers II superior plan. My support is for Twin Towers II 100%. It puts up the middle finger up at the terrorists at a height of 1914 ft and shows we dont give a flip if you hated our icons from the start cause our American icon is back in the skyline like it or not - this is America "home of the brave" why should we have to completely alter the NYC skyline cause of what people that hate us think. There was nothing wrong w/ the NYC skyline when the Twin Towers were up so why fix something thats isnt broke.

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