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Originally Posted by miaht82 View Post

Isn't there a way the city could enforce a form based code to have some way to ensure the development of walkable urbanism istead of another Captial One parking lot? Isn't this area where Audrey's is part of River North overlay district? A code could say "Streets and sidewalks lined with buildings rather than parking lots," and if the new development doesn't meet that code, deny it.
Is that possible? Or could it really not be that easy?
You're absolutely right - form-based code is the solution, provided it's implemented and enforced by the city. But it's not yet implemented in River North (or anywhere else in SA).

I'm afraid that there might be legal challenges here to FBC, as Texas state law gives lots of "protection" to private property owners. And the real estate community generally hates ANY changes the way business is done (sprawl and all the accessories).

So, as of today, if you're gonna prevent crap like the Capital One bank pad, HDRC is the only tool, even though it's a clumsy one.

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