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Originally Posted by a chicago bearcat View Post
the first photo is the same one being used in all advertising literature, and in the steppenwolf playbill advertisements.

It includes the higher ceiling heights for mechanical floors, and a more realistic glass rendering. It is by far the most up to date and accurate shot we have of the project under it's current design.
Umm, NO! The one I posted above your post is the correct one, look a little harder. It looks to be the same as the first, it is not. This was released by Calatrava/Shelbourne at "what was supposed to be" the launch of the sales center get-together on Sept 27th '07' (Sorry, was 27th, not 28th). I believe B'Vic was there as-well.

I also complained to "Glass Steel Stone" about this as-well, and the following day they had the correct Pic up. Please don't try to educate the educator!

P.S. I take-it the bridge they show in your "Most up-to-date" pic is being built as-well?
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