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Originally Posted by biguc View Post
Doer's Manitobans are union bosses. Hence the maintenance of a tax wedge that slows employment growth--giving unions greater leverage and their bosses fatter wallets.

And that article is more poorly written than usual. For example:

"...he has to ensure there is a cost-benefit to the taxpayer."

That makes no sense.

You are so right .. Doer and the big unions are connected at the hip. Pulling the economy down to make the unions rich .. thus able to fund the NDP. Continiuos government cost over runs are only the tip of the iceberg. Government buracracy is growing at a staggering rate. This is where the high taxes are going.. and thus keeping our economy in its stagnant rut.

Time to build the economy into a something great!!! Cut the payroll tax and create jobs... and make Manitoba a better place to invest.

Doer and his union buddies have to go. Lets make Manitoba a have province!!
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