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Originally Posted by Only The Lonely.. View Post
From what i've heard, the Columbus arena and surrounding area is a success because of the NHL team they have there.

Jets aficionado's are always quick to point out that the potential of the area surrounding the MTS centre hasn't been realized because the crowds the Moose draw are too small.

I'd be interested to know if the Columbus arena is connected via skywalk to many other buildings.

In my experience, a lot of people park their car in the basement of Portage Place and use the skywalk to get to the game instead of walking outside.

Naturally, most of the businesses inside the skywalk are closed come evening so there hasn't been much of an impact there.

Furthermore, because so many people use the skywalk instead of the street the foot traffic on Portage isn't that noticeable either.
Yeah I always wondered why the skywalk businesses wren't open during event nights.

For the record the Arena District is not connect by skywalks... and yes they do have more foot traffic year round, but part of the is a result of the area attracting condo development and some office development. Add in some entertainment and dining and you can go there even when there isn't a game and have a good time.
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