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Originally Posted by wwmiv View Post
... well, Blanco has a much larger bicycle traffic. Babcock has little to none that I've seen outside of 1604, but inside is better (but not up to the levels of Blanco). Chase Hill has the bicycle traffic by UTSA outside of 1604.

Why mention Stone Oak when Stone Oak is 15 miles away?
Take Babcock into the Hill Country and you will need to avoid running over the bikers. The narrow road is very popular for cyclists. Chase Hill has a lot of bikers (and bike lanes) because the entire road is mutli-family housing... mostly student apartments. They travel the 1/2 mile to and from campus.

Stone Oak is only 6 miles from UTSA on 1604. Huebner at 1604 is the border of Stone Oak. You can tell because EVERYTHING is designed in limestone.

In the 'burbs 6 miles is basically next door (except during that 1604 rush hour).
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