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Originally Posted by StNorberter View Post
Only the last year the NDP was in power was spending for re-election. Sure, they went into deficit in 2008 for the first time in several years, but every other province was in deficit at that point as well, then until their final year in gov't the deficit shrunk each year. So it was a trend to return to balance/surplus for the most part.

This whole fairytale of years of financial mismanagement or increasing deficits is just that. A fairytale.
Sure it took them 8ish years from 2000-08 to rape and pillage Hydro and the rainy day fund. Once there was no hiding it anymore they had to finally run reportable deficits. They blew through likely $2 billion from the rainy day fund, the Hydro "Dividend" and the multiple order of magnitude increase in water rental fee.

When they couldn't maintain there rapidly increasing deficit they forced Hydro to take on the many billion dollars of debt... which is of course guaranteed by the province. Saying the NDP were working their way to black in the final few years is a bit disingenuous as they were just diverting their increased spending to another department.
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