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Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
If economic growth is artificially propped up by deficits then all you're doing is disguising poor economic output and putting yourself in a deferred negative position. Our economic output has been extremely slow for decades, its just been masked in the past by large deficits creating artificially higher inflation numbers. The only solution is deregulation and an economic strategy that offers incentives for growth where wanted.
It was only the last couple of years that the NDP really went nuts with spending as they desperately tried to stay in power. Up until then our debt-to-GDP ratio and our economic growth was better than Ontario, QC and all of eastern Canada. So it was not entirely just propped up by deficits. Admittedly eastern Canada was sluggish at the time.

Deregulation as a was to stimulate economic growth only works in far-right theoretical dreamland. A better strategy would be strategic investment in high ROI areas like infrastructure & education.
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