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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
I would imagine Detroit has, by far, the largest Japanese automotive expat population. Every Japanese automotive supplier/engineering concern is in Detroit. Novi, MI has a huge Japanese infrastructure, from Japanese signage in the hospital, to a Japanese school, to a bunch of restaurants and stores. The Detroit airport even has announcements in Japanese.

The vast majority of auto jobs are with the suppliers and engineering concerns, not the car companies themselves.
Note how many more people there are as many people of partial Japanese ancestry as full Japanese ancestry? There's a reason for this: The Japanese diaspora in the U.S. does not really form coherent ethnic communities (outside of Hawaii) and intermarries into the white population at very high levels.

Historically speaking, Japan has always tended to see those who go overseas as "betraying" Japanese culture to some extent - which is why for example the Japanese Brazilians who have moved back to Japan have not been embraced. This stands in contrast to the Chinese, who will continue to accept people as being ethnically Chinese even if they're from families who have lived abroad for centuries.
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