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Originally Posted by Capsicum View Post
How significant is the population who are not single-response Asian (more than one Asian ancestry) in most cities, and do some places have more than others (say, those where a "pan-Asian American" identity has developed)? I'd imagine on the mainland US there'd be more single-ancestry responses but places like Hawaii had long enough generations of Asian immigration that many are mixed between Asian groups (kind of like how many white Americans are part Irish, part German, Italian etc.).

How big is the share of people who are "Asian" but more than one type of "Asian" vs. "mixed Asian and a non-Asian group" relative to single origin responses?
As of 2018, according to US Census estimates the two or more Asian (mixed within Asian ethnicities only) population was 437,213. Other Asian not specified was 175,607 of the 18,415,198 Asians that reported Asian Ancestry alone (not mixed outside of the Asian racial category as defined by the US Census which is mainly South, East & Southeast Asian -- does not include West Asian).

As of 2018 these were the largest Asian alone ethnic groups in the US:

Chinese, except Taiwanese 4,217,892
Asian Indian 4,161,088
Filipino 2,920,160
Vietnamese 1,862,395
Korean 1,468,279
Japanese 782,776
Pakistani 487,937
Hmong 305,323
Cambodian 240,379
Thai 218,514
Bangladeshi 203,845
Laotian 203,494
Burmese 178,490
Taiwanese 178,020
Nepalese 167,468
Indonesian 70,851
Sri Lankan 52,183
Bhutanese 30,162
Mongolian 22,091
Malaysian 20,599
Okinawan 3,715
Other Asian, specified 6,717
Other Asian, not specified 175,607
Two or more Asian 437,213

Total Asian alone or in Combination (2018): 22,942,648
Chinese, except Taiwanese 5,143,982
Asian Indian 4,506,308
Filipino 4,089,570
Vietnamese 2,162,610
Korean 1,894,131
Japanese 1,542,195
Pakistani 526,956
Thai 329,343
Hmong 320,164
Cambodian 300,360
Laotian 262,229
Taiwanese 213,774
Bangladeshi 213,372
Burmese 189,250
Nepalese 175,005
Indonesian 116,869
Sri Lankan 61,416
Malaysian 35,716
Bhutanese 32,130
Mongolian 28,538
Okinawan 17,389
Other Asian, specified 8,851
Other Asian, not specified 772,490

Burmese/Myanmarese, Nepalese/Nepali & Bangladeshi are among the fastest growing of the relatively newer Asian ethnic/national groups in the U.S.

To put the enormity of the Asian alone population into context if they were to (hypothetically-speaking) form their own country it would rank as the 63rd largest in the World -- just below Chile.
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