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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
I was on the south Perimeter for the first time in a while and I noticed that a lot of the crossings have been permanently removed... they have been blocked off with new curbs. There are still a couple of openings left that are marked as no left turns with "authorized vehicles only" underneath, but it's still a major improvement over how it was before.
It is a major improvement so far, however it appears that the intersection with Plessis is not being touched (this is arguably the most dangerous of them all as it is right at a curve on the highway), and not sure what the plan is with Symington Rd intersection. They are in process of adding left turn lanes in both directions, will this become a lighted intersection? Certainly not advocating for another light on that highway but if not it appears uncontrolled cross traffic would still be allowed. Which is one of the main problems MIT was trying to eliminate from my understanding.

Anyone know the final plans for Plessis and Symington intersections?
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