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Originally Posted by optimusREIM View Post
The whole mess with the left turns between St Anne's and Lagimodiere has more or less been rectified. It'll be great when the South Perimeter overhaul gets rid of the little local road RIRO access points too since there are access points really close by, and it will just generally improve the safety of that stretch. The CPR crossing also needs to be either grade separated immediately or completely fixed. The bump over the tracks is so severe that in the winter, when the big transports et al. have snow and ice shaken loose, the cars coming over the tracks are in real peril of losing control once they hit all that ice/slush.
The CP crossing is the responsibility of the railway to keep in good order. They are responsible for the crossing and usually about 25 feet from the center of the rail tracks on single line tracks.

If enough drivers contact CP's community connect dept @ 1-800-766-7912 or email and let them know about the rough crossing they may do something about it sooner rather than later.
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