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Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Is it Quesada across the way from them ? They're probably not going to make it much longer either, and to be honest I can't see Cora's surviving much longer in that location either.

It is generally a terrible location - hidden from the main road, no traffic flow, no households, no hotel to draw from . Not surprised Milestones bombed
No traffic flow? Torbay Road is one of the busiest roads in the City. And Hebron Way will soon be joined up with Majors Path, which should increase traffic.

What about all the new office buildings open down there? There are easily hundreds of people going to be working down there. Should be great for lunch time sales. Most times I go to Pita Pit down there it's lined up out the door.

No hotels? There are 4 in approximately 2 km radius. And I'm pretty sure the 2 new ones by the hotel don't have restaurants. These would be the closest restaurants to the airport.
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