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Originally Posted by GarryEllice View Post
There is one direct route, the 99, which does the trip in 8 minutes (Stradbrook/Nassau to Smith/Broadway), but it doesn't run very often. I guess Broadway is a surprisingly bad place to live if you want to use transit. Far cry from the days when it had a streetcar line in its median.
That is the worse bus route in Winnipeg. You could wait all day and then 2 buses will show up one behind the other bumper to bumper. Not kidding. And there are 2 99 routes, one to Misery and one to Fort Garry Windemere.

You can get lucky and grab the bus right away on Osbourne, And the connection on Broadway could be there as well to take you to Donald but any miss and your ice cream is melting so might as well walk and get home in 25 minutes tops from the check-out at Safeway.

Only good thing about the bus is you might catch it right away. It might be air conditioned and then you can cut through City Place so ice cream stays solid.
Or it's winter.
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