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Originally Posted by UltraDanPrime View Post
Dedicated lanes exist. That's what I said was cheaper. I said autonomous tech is on the horizon. Bottom line is rail is probably not going to happen. Personally, I'm glad SA is looking to the future, not the past. Some like to hold on the the past, some embrace the future. It's ok. Thanks for the conversation though. I enjoyed it, but ready to move on.
To get back to your original point:

I'd like to see a dedicated lane on the elevated i35 for trackless tech, not rail. Rail, it was a good run, you changed the world, but the time has come for the next phase in tranportation!
There are currently 178 cities in the world with metro rail systems (this does not include the worthless light rail in Dallas, Houston, and Austin). There are another 33 cities with metro rail currently under construction. (source: Clearly rail works very well at moving lots of people and integrating with the urban fabric. Criticism of rail transit seems to focus on a perception of it being old-fashioned. This is in no way a convincing reason to not use rail. Also, this promoting of a transit system using currently-unavailable technology that's just around the corner and definitely changing everything and we've just gotta wait for this brand-new form of mass transit sounds to me more like a rhetorical trick to distract people from seriously considering a replacement to the single passenger vehicle than it is a reasonable plan for future transit.
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