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Where are millennials moving?

Per Haven Life's newly released study of large metros, western U.S. metropolises lead the nation in growth of millennial aged population over the most recent 5 year period. The top 5 metros by percentage growth were Portland, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and Austin. No metro area in the northeast made the top 20, and while two metro areas did from the Midwest. Those two metros were Columbus, OH (#19) and Minneapolis (#20).

Counterintuitively, the metro area that suffered the worst loss of millennial aged residents was also in the west: Tucson, Az. Virginia Beach and Rochester, NY, were the only other two metros to show negative growth in millennial aged residents.

Growth rates in the U.S.'s three largest metropolises were mostly mediocre. New York performed the best of the three, coming in at the #30 on the list, with a 5.5% growth rate. Los Angeles's* (tied at #33) millennial population grew by 3.2% and Chicago's (#38) by 2%.

*The Inland Empire (#35) grew at a similar 3.1%.

Full list here:
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