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Originally Posted by Stockerzzz View Post
loved this gem:

But Maldonado insisted he was not being hypocritical in holding Shetty and others to one standard after Maldonado himself sold nearby property along the 606 trail for a reported $300,000 profit in 2015.

Maldonado said the property on the 1700 blocks of N. Monticello and N. Central Park, owned with his wife, in fact earned only a $150,000 profit. The property was purchased in pieces between "the 1990s" and 2004 for $250,000, and eventually was sold for $500,000 to an upscale townhouse developer. "Nobody knew when we bought the property how (popular) the area would become," he said.

However, Maldonado in the interview confirmed that, just months before the sale, the property was rezoned from manufacturing to residential, driving up his value. "I had absolutely nothing to do with the zoning change" and abstained on all votes, he told me. "The people who bought the property" pushed the zoning change.
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