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Originally Posted by Halsted & Villagio View Post
Likely a huge plus activating that area of Archer by removing the existing overgrown Mad Max looking wasteland that currently exists there. My only question would be what kind of construction are we looking at... and what will the layout be of the structures. Hopefully the developer sticks with condos because a quick nascent look at the rendering of all those buildings clumped together like that gives off a bit of a "project" vibe. The horror!

Likely more a product of the rendering and not the reality of what will go up there. Fingers crossed.
I mean it's definitely a project. I'm sure it'll be better than the rendering but don't expect it to be much more urban than it looks. Positive news is that's 168 condos and all full means a few hundred more people living there than today. They will have ground floor business space so that's good.

The one thing I'd hope for based on the renderings is good landscaping. My wife's parents place in the outskirts of Shanghai doesn't have any restaurants unless you walk 10 minutes, and it's suburban... but it's landscaped really well with zen gardens and stuff around. It's still suburban but not in a depressing way.
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