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Peter Singh

In addition to the cabinet ministers, at least one UCP MLA has also been interviewed by the federal police force.

Just before the provincial election, RCMP raided Calgary-East MLA Peter Singh's business as part of the voter fraud investigation.

Singh also faces allegations of "fraud, forgery, improper inducement and bribery" in his effort to secure the UCP nomination in his riding. That investigation is being carried out by Alberta's election commissioner.

Four cabinet members, including Premier Jason Kenney, have not yet responded to requests for confirmation of interviews by the RCMP.
The investigation

The investigation is focused on whether voter fraud took place in the 2017 UCP leadership vote that elected now-Premier Jason Kenney.
Mount Royal University political scientist Duane Bratt says it's significant that the RCMP appears to be conducting a "pretty thorough investigation."

"The two major things is the deliberateness that the RCMP is pursuing this with and the second is the seriousness of this," he said.

"It's about whether the election was stolen. So that's as significant as you can have. You're talking about the leadership race of the current premier — that can't get any more serious."

So far, $77,250 in fines have been levied in that investigation. The majority of the fines were for donating to the campaign with money that was not their own.

It's alleged money was funnelled into the campaign from a corporation and distributed by Callaway's former communications director, Cameron Davies.
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