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Originally Posted by Corndogger View Post
I think it's a big secret to a lot of people. I don't know anyone who's heard any of this stuff. A 23% cut would be major news. Some things need to be cut but 90s style every department takes the same % cut must be avoided at all costs. That's not being fiscally responsible. It's being fiscally stupid.
I'd call it fiscally lazy, looking for nice numbers vs detailed analysis. It would be nice to have a running analysis of what we're paying each department on a per-something basis (per capita pop of Ab, per some sort of deliverable or benefit, etc) so that it would be obvious when one government is unnecessary inflating the budget of a department vs other provinces, or conversely if there have been consecutive belt tightening and cuts it might show when 'cutting the waste/fat' is no longer a reasonable promise.
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