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UIW has plans to buy the AT&T building at Hiledebrand, and Broadway. Looking forward to seeing their plans:

The acquisition will expand the footprint of the UIW Broadway campus by 20 percent. During a recent campus master planning process, the university determined it was “land shy,” Evans said, to the extent of 30 percent less land and 20 percent less parking than other similar institutions. “On both of those fronts, it helps us immediately,” he told the Rivard Report in an interview.

More space for residence halls is needed to house students from outside the area, for example. “We will be undergoing a very thoughtful process and determining what will happen with the property, especially in light of what we know is possible when you look at development spaces like the Quarry and the Pearl,” Evans said. 'And to really take the time and do it right and do something transformational on top of something that already is of great impact.'"

I doubt the building will come down and be replaced, but perhaps an upgrade along the lines of CPS Energy. That building, in my opinion, is in the running for ugliest in San Antonio.
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