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Originally Posted by Doug View Post
If Suburbia went past the headline, he would know that the article focuses on Islamic Extremists, which does not fit his narrative
Not sure what article you're reading exactly.

Originally Posted by Doug View Post
Statement 2 asserts that Catholic school boards are considered as non-public. Does it do the same for other provinces? This article reeks of Progress Alberta
In Alberta, public funds support Catholic school board operations on a per student basis at about the same level they do for public school boards. In BC, they are supported at 50% or 35% depending on if the school operates at the same per student cost as the public system or not. In effect, a Catholic school in BC is akin to a private school, and the formula means that normalized by population, the number of Catholic schools in BC is wayyyy lower than in Alberta. Ontario has a different formula, but again, they are treated like private schools.

I do feel the Alberta model puts the public school boards at a relative disadvantage comparing with other provinces. It makes no sense from a fiscal conservative sense.
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