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Originally Posted by optimusREIM View Post
In your opinion could Winnipeg establish itself as an air-based distribution hub? I mean in the long term if we have government and airport authorities that take the appropriate steps? Or are we simply to far gone and should focus on something else?
Not sure. the end destination would have to be close enough via truck, which chances are it isn't.

It COULD have been, but Calgary beat us to the punch, and internationally, so did Minneapolis. Both are now close enough to justify skipping us.

Originally Posted by esquire View Post
Winnipeg's location advantages are overstated, we're pretty damn far from the population on this continent.
I'm not sure anyone overstates it... we are in a unique position that makes us useful, not untouchable. If it's cross country and staying north of the border, we're in a great spot. If it's international... well then we'd have to be a more useful destination than what's immediately south, assuming delivery is central.
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