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[QUOTE=JACKinBeantown;8527529]I also agree that public funds shouldn't be used for corporate profit. I didn't make that clear. My bad. I was only stating that while it may legally and therefore justifiably be his place to make such a statement (with which I happen to agree) there is also a conflict of interest. It's a gray area situation. But yes, I do agree with him... and you.

I understood. I just don't put as much importance on that as you. I mean, it could be a tactic to stoke public fears of the team moving out.

I'm pretty sure the City could pony up some incentives for the team owners to build a stadium DT. I'm guessing that no incentives have been proffered owes to the fact that there is no, political at least, will to do so.

As for the County, other than where it's at, the only place I can see that makes sense to relocate would be the ATT Center/Coliseum area.
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