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Originally Posted by HomeInMyShoes View Post
I prefer the Continental Insurance Building in St. Louis...

Continental Insurance Building by (HomeInMyShoes), on Flickr

Winnipeg has a great selection of buildings, but it would have been nice to have something poking up in the skyline a bit more from that era. The US was just ahead of Canada, especially Western Canada when it comes to built form and population at that point in time. We have to remember that Buffalo around 1930 was over half a million people. Winnipeg was a quarter of that and St. Louis city was over 800,000.
Winnipeg had way more than 125,000 people by 1930. The reasons for the buildings not being taller were soil conditions, the lack of any really large tenants, and a widespread belief that tall commercial buildings were aesthetically out of scale and exemplifications of American vulgarity. Also, Winnipeg’s economic boom was in 1911-13, not the 1920s when taller skyscrapers were becoming more common and acceptable.
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