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Originally Posted by Fryguy View Post
Google Maps updates about every 6 months. Google Earth, on the other hand, updates their 3D maps every few years. Last update for Google Earth's 3D component appears, ostensively, to be around 2010.
I was wondering the same, but best I can tell from what I've read on Google is that they update every 1 to 3 years for downtown imagery. That seems to be about right based on how long I've had to wait in the past between new imagery between the time new buildings were built. They may be doing it more often for other areas, but I think area wide they do it less often. Our neighborhood was updated with the one they did for downtown.

Austin's was updated last year, as was Fort Worth's. I think Houston, Dallas and San Antonio's are all still from 2015 based on what buildings are missing. You guys all should be due an update soon. Probably this year. Hopefully, the imagery is from this year so it would include the Frost Bank Headquarters.
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