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Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
The college town I currently reside in (Tempe, Arizona) is experiencing a boom, but I cringe every time I drive by these two offenders:

Residence Inn by Marriott Tempe Downtown/University and it's turd inspired color palette.


That baby poop yellow/brown kills me every time.


And then there's University House...


We have greens, grays, and exposed concrete all clashing with each other. They recently added another wing and painted it a blue gradient for whatever reason:


The frustrating part is the north facing facade isn't actually that bad...however this side literally faces a small mountain and is completely obstructed while the rest of it is highly visible and towers over the surrounding neighborhood.

For a very VERY VERY long time it was the widespread belief that buildings should match the red dirt of Arizona's deserts.

I dont know why this is, I think its like, they looked at Spanish colonial and Mediterranean styles and said "Hmm that works on a house with red tile roofing......Sure it might as well work on a 20 story building"

I have no idea why this persisted for so long but it seams like Phoenix Metro is finally moving past the Stucco brown/red/tan default that held in place for like 45 years

But then of course you get the horribly ugly modern style that will look outdated in 10 years like University house.

Ya just cant win.
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