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Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
Awesome, Kevin!

To your follow-up point, yeah, I'd like to see some lower angles (200-300 feet) from just outside downtown to give an idea what the skyline looks like as a whole. Maybe from common vantage points that people can actually visit too, such as Willowbrook Drive, The Bushnell Building, Trinity University, etc. I realize you can't recreate it exactly with the limitations of Google Earth, but those are my thoughts.

Thanks for doing this. These are great to look at.
Cool. I'll do a couple more later this evening and add a few here.

Originally Posted by Txdev View Post
super cool!

One note, Canopy footprint goes out to the corner on St Mary’s and covers about half of the Esquire. It seems like currently it is shown right on top of Esquire.
Thanks. I'll look into it. I realize they aren't 100 percent realistic, but I do want them to be accurate to the placement, size and height.
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