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San Antonio's future skyline - A Google Earth model

I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. Max Tower who writes for the Austin pages for had been using Google Earth's feature that lets users draw building masses. He was using it for new development here, and I had always wanted to create a Google Earth map showing everything in the pipeline. Now I'm expanding that to other Texas cities. I'm not quite done with Houston yet, and I've barely started with Dallas.

The feature allows you to draw building masses. It's not quite the same as Google Sketchup, which is a different feature. For this, you use the polygram draw tool and select the relative to ground feature. You then enter in the height (in meters) for each drawing.

The heights are based on the building elevations we've seen from the site plans. I used the highest height for each building, which in most cases is the mechanical penthouse, so they may appear slightly different in real life since I'm not drawing for the main roof separate from the mechanical penthouse. These are just envelopes to show where they are, their relative size based on the renderings we've seen, and their heights we've seen.

Buildings in red:

Frost Bank Headquarters - 386 feet - 23 floors
Thompson Hotel & Residences - 314 feet - 20 floors
1603 Broadway - 255 feet - 19 floors
Canopy by Hilton - 247 feet - 20 floors
1803 Broadway - 188 feet - 12 floors
Lower Broadway Office Building -104 feet - 8 floors


Villita Tower - 284 feet - 24 floors
Cambria Hotel - 236 feet - 18 floors
The Floodgate - 212 feet - 17 floors
Durango Apartments - 153 feet - 13 floors

Green (built)

Hilton Garden Inn - 156 feet - 11 floors
The Cellars - 123 feet - 10 floors

I'm putting these behind a spoiler since they're so big. They're not fun for replying to.

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