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Originally Posted by micahinsa View Post
I'm struggling to see how this is "filling up nicely." My question would be: why is it not fully leased already?

So Frost took 15 floors of the building, i.e., they only needed to fill 8-9 others. And they can't even do that? why?

If San Antonio in general and downtown in particular is truly "on fire" as we're constantly told, why can't they possibly find enough tenants to fill up less than TEN FLOORS in a building that has been crowned an iconic game-changer?

You'd have thought they would've been snatched up ages ago and people would've been beating at the doors to move their businesses into it.

I guess it makes sense now as to why they didn't make it taller. If they can't even find enough tenants for ten floors of Class A office space in one of the most important buildings to be constructed in San Antonio in decades, then why would they have ever built one that's 50 or 60 floors?
What do you mean, they "can't"? The building's not even open yet. I have no doubt it will be fully leased.
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