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Originally Posted by SkydivePilot View Post
Thank you Stormer and Riverman.

To my knowledge, the Carlyle tower is was the tallest structure is SK back in '98. @ 1101', it's pretty damn tall anyway!

Guys, I'm not tooting my horn because of my profession; I'm merely more than happy to clarify any sort of questions/statements that you guys post here with regards to airports/aviation. In fact, I have been around this aviation shit for soooo damn long, sometimes I don't even want to admit that I AM a pilot.

At present, I fly for an operator in Ontario. (No, not 'skydiving' stuff; that was many - BLUE - moons ago, lol!)

Frankly, I'm more impressed with occupations and professions that other people have.

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Just FYI, I commend and appreciate the intelligence and aptitude that goes into being a commercial pilot, any jokes I might make about pilots certainly and not in any negative connotation! And Happy New Years to you (and everyone on the MB/SK SSP forum)!
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