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Originally Posted by trueviking View Post
Anita Stenning was the vice-president of planning and development, manager of business liaison, the first CEO of Centre Venture and the CAO of the city of Winnipeg.
Was not aware, that's great. Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by EspionNoir View Post
About the “public opinion” side of things I was first worried that there would be public opinion involved. Much of my concern come from what happened with P&M. But as the poll is only abo choosing a proposal out of five, the effects won’t be as bad as that of P&M issues, right?
The public opinion part happened last year. There were community consultation events and pop-ups in the Exchange to gather public opinion all summer. This is the way to do it – get open opinions first, then give a few options.

Originally Posted by Wpg_Guy View Post
How do they plan on funding this?
It's currently city land. The northern 2/3 will be sold off to developers who will have to follow this framework.
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