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Originally Posted by prairieguy View Post
To get us moved off Library.....exciting to see construction happening at Wanuskewin Park. I am really hopeful that they will be successful in their Unesco bid!

I would say though, that I feel the new design still misses the mark to be an engaging and interactive comes across a bit more like a 'static' gallery of displays. In its early days, the site use to have a motion activated hall that as you walked through you would hear the buffalo pounding from above with a bison leaping off a cliff above you, as you moved through the all various displays would come to life with sound. Of course, technology is so much more advanced now that the opportunity for truly interactive and motion displays is limitless. I really don't see the Park capturing a childs imagination or a family's interest as much as it could....more potential....
This is great news. Saskatoon will have at least two world class attractions when this is done (Remai Modern and Wanuskewin). Agree with you on the exhibit design, at least as presented in the videos. It looks a bit passive.

By the way there are 3 flyover/walkthrough videos now up on the Wanuskewin site:
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