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Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
Same here. When I went through campus last night I was admiring the legacy of great buildings there. The Spinks Addition next door is about 15 years old and looking great.

However, in future I wouldn't mind if the university pursued some high quality modern architecture. There are numerous campuses around the world that feature a complementary mix of contemporary and traditional design. The U of S plays it safer with these sorts of hybrid designs for new builds, which has worked out well, but I wouldn't mind some cutting edge stuff.
I agree that I would like to see the University attempt something new when it comes to hybrid designs. I definitely appreciate their adherence to the sandstone finishing that is the trademark of the school, but I think new buildings can look a lot more appealing than just "sandstone on the bottom, glass on the top", which is how most new buildings look. They shouldn't be afraid to take things in a different direction.

I'm thinking of the proposed College of Agriculture building from a few years ago. Maybe not that exactly, but the University shouldn't be afraid of more eye-catching architecture (so long as they keep the sandstone, that is).
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