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Originally Posted by Maldive View Post
I love San Fran (who doesn't)... one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I also love talls and supertalls like a typical skyscraper geek.... but that photo left me sad.

That chubby carbuncle has ruined the skyline for me... doesn't belong. Don't think SF needs to aspire to being a super tall city.... it's lost it's pinnacle (Transamerica or whatever it's called now).

Of course this has nothing to do with commercial drivers/need for office space etc.

Just a silly comment about a city view lost.
it really depends on the vantage point. from the south, it looks very different, but composed. from the north, the "stacking" of transamerica, bofa, 345 cal, and salesforce (plus soon oceanwide) is odd and ungainly. especially when salesforce is viewed obliquely and it gets VERY fat.

on the other hand, from the northeast, transamerica and bofa have space, and salesforce and rincon hill and others make a nice (and taller) second cluster. i think it still looks like SF, but a new SF.

aerial pics by me.

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